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Dhse Scholarship Essay

Higher Secondary First Year(Plus One) Hindi Course Book

Hindi Course Book consists of 4 units. Each units contains 3 - 4 lessons from prose, poem,drama etc
There are four lessons in this unit. Short Story,Poem,Letter and Drama.This unit motivates learners to be emphatic with their surroundings, reviews ancient poems, realizes the responsibilities of being an ideal citizen, develops patriotism.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend short stories, drafting Right Information Letters, character sketches, critical appreciation of poems etc.
There are four lessons in this unit.Couplets,Film Analysis,Editorial and Poem.
In unit II Couplets of Kabirdas spreads good thoughts and realizes the ethics of life, watches and analysis films critically, develops vocabulary, realizes and reacts against problems in society, leads our society towards right path, finds their own solutions, motivates to dream high.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend couplets, analysis and reviews films in different languages, writes Editorials in various subjects, critical appreciation of poems etc.
There are four lessons in this unit. Essay,Poem,Translation and Story.
This unit motivates learners to think positively, upholds the significance of values and attitudes in life, enables self realization, translation from English to Hindi, realization of the sorrow of working society, being sensitive towards society, participation in debate etc.
Activities on focus: Writes essays in different topics, read and appreciate twentieth century poems, translates passages from English to Hindi, character sketches, conversation based on stories, precise writing, drafting letters, writes advertisements etc.
There are three lessons in this unit.Story,IT Terminology and Poem.
This unit motivates learners to realizes their mistakes and repent over it , familiarizes with terms related to IT, develops vocabulary, read and appreciate twenty first century poems.
Activities on focus: Character sketches, drafting letters, precise writing and conversation based on stories translates words, seminar reports, read and appreciate twentieth century poems etc.

Theory Examination (TE) Preparation:

Activities based on text to be practiced. Read each and every lesson carefully and give focus to all textual contents and activities.
Right Information Letters, Informal letters, Film review etc should be focused and practiced. Character Sketches, Translation, IT Vocabulary are prominent.
Format of each activity should be specifically noticed and followed.
Textual content should be familiarized and modified with personal ideas and language, to answer according to the given questions.
Language elements should be made clear to enhance answering application level question.
We can expect current relevant topics in Right Information Letter and Editorial.
Most probably conversations related to daily life are asked for translation.

Higher Secondary Second Year(Plus Two) Hindi Course Book

Hindi Course Book consists of 4 units. Each units contains 3 - 4 lessons from prose, poem,drama etc.
There are three lessons in this unit. Poem, Reply Letter and Speech
This unit motivates patriotism, teaches the values of being Independent, enhances love and affection among family, stresses the need to develop self confidence.
Activities on focus: Read and comprehend poem, writes its critical summary, Character sketches, drafting letters in different situations, precis writing, Speech, writing conversations,diary, auto biography etc.
There are four lessons in this unit.Travelogue,Poem,Film Song,Technical Terminology.
This unit explores the importance of traveling, familiarizes entertainment in different places,realizes and experiences the importance of teaching Hindi and its role as a Universal language,familiarizes ancient poetry, realizes values of friendship, explains technical terms related to Science, Commerce and Humanities.
Activities on focus: Writes travelogues, auto-biographies, letters and diaries, read and comprehend ancient poem, writes its critical summary, character sketches, translates different technical terms etc.
There are four lessons in this unit.Auto-biography,Poem,Story and Haiku.
The unit highlights the luxury related to marriage in Indian middle class, responsibility of a son to his parents, the concept of freedom for women, the rights and privileges of women,motivates learners to dream high, familiarizes Japanese poem Haiku.
Activities on focus: Writes auto-biographies, diaries, drafting letters, read and comprehend poem and haiku, writes its critical summary, character sketches etc.
There are four lessons in this unit. Peom,Memory,Poem and Humor Short story.
The unit highlights the need of helping poor, develops helping mentality among learners,cultivates charity and hospitality, realizes working class and respects all kinds of jobs, develops sense of humor etc.
Activities on focus: Character Sketches, diaries, drafting letters, poem appreciation, writing conversation, precis writing etc.

Theory Examination (TE) Preparation:

Activities based on text to be practiced. Read each and every lesson carefully and give focus to all textual contents and activities.
Right Information Letters, Informal letters, Film review etc should be focused and practised. Character Sketches, Translation, IT Vocabulary are prominent.
Format of each activity should be specifically noticed and followed.
Textual content should be familiarized and modified with personal ideas and language, to answer according to the given questions.
Language elements should be made clear to enhance answering application level question.Most probably small passages is asked for translation..

Study Notes of Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two Hindi prepared by Malini M.S, Government Moyan Model Girls Higher Secondary School,Palakkad and Balakrishnan,Government Higher Secondary School,Kottayi,Palakkad published. Expecting these notes ,which have grown up to the status of support and guide, could be utilized by the learning and teaching community. Study materials will be updated on receipt. Students can avail of the link below to download Plus One/Plus Two Hindi study notes for their exam preparation.

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Uploading DateDownloads
17-01-13ALL KERALA INTER-SCHOOL QUIZ - 2013.Circular
16-01-13Admission to professional courses under NCC quota.Circular
11-01-13Local holiday of Thai pongal festival advanced to 14-1-2013 G.O (Rt) No. 10689/12/GAD Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012
11-01-13Kerala Entrance Examinations 2013.Notification
10-01-13HSE Fee Rates Revised.GO(RT) No.5941/12/G.Edn dtd 12/12/2012
06-01-13ICT Scheme:Circular dtd 04/01/13
05-01-13Leave Travel Concession - Rules/Guidelines Issued GO(P)No 5/2013/Fin Dated 02/01/2013
04-01-13State Kalolsvam 2012-13.Guidelines dtd 27/12/12
01-01-13Employees and Teachers belonging to Nair Community are permitted to avail Restricted Holiday on 02/01/13.Download Govt Order
31-12-12ICT Requirements for 2012-13.Circular
31-12-12Special Assembly on 01/01/13 Circular and Pledge
28-12-12Government employees and teachers in Kerala to wear Khadi-Handloom apparels on Wednesdays.Circular
26-12-12Threatened strike by a section of Government Employees on 8th January 2013- Measures for dealing with - Orders issued G.O (P) No. 385/2012/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012
22-12-12Income tax to be deducted from the arrear amount that to be merged with the PF account of the employees.Judgement
22-12-12Restricted Holiday.Guidelines Dated 21/12/2012
22-12-12Grace Marks to NCC Cadets
21-12-12Restricted Holiday:Guidelines
21-12-12State IT Fest-2013:Circular & Schedule
20-12-12Commerce Quiz-2013.Circular
15-12-12Quiz Competitions for HSS Students
15-12-12SET 2012:Result Published.
14-12-12HSE Exam.complaints submission
14-12-12Early disbursement of Pay and allowance of december 2012 in connection with Christmas.GO(P)No 678/2012/Fin Dated 12/12/2012
11-12-12HSE 2013:Deputy Chief in Gulf and Lakshadweep
05-12-12Kollam Revenue District Kalolsavam Logo
04-12-12HSE March 2013:New Format for certificate
04-12-12Calender 2013[Government of Kerala]
27-11-12HSE Improvement Exam for JEE Candidates
25-11-12Wandoor Sub-district Kalolsavam Result
24-11-12National Eligibility cum Entrance Test[NEET-UG]for getting admissions to MBBS/BDS courses
22-11-12GPAIS Claim,Schedule & Nomination Forms | GPAIS GOVT Order
20-11-12State Sasthrolsavam Schedule
19-11-12Higher Secondary Examination 2013:Notification
18-11-12Kollam District Sports Results
17-11-12Sports,Kalolsavam & Sasthrolsavam Results & Schedules
17-11-12Sasthrolsavam:Identification Certificate for State Sasthrolsavam
17-11-12Sasthrolsavam:Format for Identification Certificate
17-11-12D A to State Government Employees.GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin Dated 08/11/2012
17-11-12Student Concession Bus Fare:GO
15-11-12Duty Leave to Legislative Members
09-11-12Revaluation Result of HSE  First Year March 2012 | Second Year SAY August 2012
08-11-12Completing data entry and locking fields in SPARK.Directions.
08-11-12GPAIS Renewal 2012-13.GO(P) No 606-2012-Fin dated 03-11-2012
05-11-12GPAIS Renewal 2012-13.Circular
03-11-12DMS Renewal 2012-13 Renewal Online Registration Started.Circular
03-11-12Press Release:DHSE
02-11-12Newly Added Items and Code Numbers in Kerala School Kalolsavam 2012–13
02-11-12Science Fair 2012-13.Circular dtd 01/11/12
02-11-12Social Science Fair 2012-13.Circular dtd 01/11/12
02-11-12Kalolsavam Appeal Fees.Circular dtd 01/11/12
01-11-12Vacancy Announcement for the Position of NSS Coordinator
30-10-12School Kalolsavam Manual(Revised Guidelines) dtd 30/10/2012
29-10-12Rashtriya Sanklap Diwas.Pledge
29-10-12Curriculum Revision Committee
26-10-12Seminar on the Role of Democracy in Ensuring India's Development
22-10-12Smart Class Room In Schools. Circular | Guidelines | Online Data Entry
20-10-12School Kalolsavam Manual(Revised) G.O.(Ms) No.338/2012/G.Edn dtd 18.10.2012
20-10-12Children's Biodiversity Congress Postponed
19-10-12Bakrid Festival - Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances.GO(P) No.593/2012/Fin Dated 18/10/ 2012
18-10-12Revised Time Schedule for DMS
11-10-12Revised Time Schedule for PMS
07-10-12Animation Film Competition for HSS: Circular 1 | Circular 2
01-10-12Time-bound Higher Grade for Lab Assts(Higher Secondary).Letter No.ACD B6/1073/HSE/2012 dtd 20/09/2012
01-10-12Children's Ecological Congress - 2012
01-10-12Post Metric Renewal.Date Extended
01-10-12CV Camp[IMP Sep 2012].Schedule
29-09-12Observance of Gandhi Jayanthi. Circular | Press Release
21-09-12Dies non on 21.08.2012 GO dtd 17/08/12
21-09-12District Merit Scholarship 2012-13.Notification
21-09-12Plus One Improvement Sep 2012. questions
13-09-12School Parliament Election Postponed.New Schedule
11-09-12Plus One Improvement : Revised Time Table
10-09-12School Parliament Election -Guidelines
08-09-12Wildlife Kerala:Competitions
04-09-12Teachers Award 2011-12
22-08-12HSE Director
18-08-12Strike by Government Employees and Teachers on 21st August 2012:Measures for dealing
17-08-12Ramadan:Declared Holiday G.O
14-08-12Application Form for Infrastructure development in Minority Ednl Institutions | Circular
14-08-12Post Matric Registration:Date Extended
06-08-12Revaluation Result :2nd Year HSE 2012
06-08-12Crediting of DA Arrears to PF accounts:Date extended
05-08-12PSC Coaching:Crash course by UC College,Aluva
04-08-12New Higher Secondary Batch and Schools in Unaided Stream.List
02-08-12Jalakam 2012: Career Guidance program for HSS Students by Kollam District Panchayath
30-07-12Restricted holiday for 'Avani Avittam' for employees belonging to Brahmin Community.Circular
26-07-12HSE First Term Examination(For IInd Year).Time Table
25-07-12NSS Programme Officers Special Casual Leave Reduced to 3 Days.GO dtd 10/01/12
20-07-12State Teacher's Award(HSS Section) 2012-13
20-07-12Medical Reimbursement.Circular | GO Dtd 11/07/2012
19-07-12Open School Readmission for HSC[Second Year]
13-07-12Supplementary Allotment:Press Release
11-07-12OBC Stipend Enhanced.Circular
11-07-12Balasasthra Congress.Grace Mark Sanctioned.Circular
10-07-12Post Matric Scholarship.Circular
07-07-12HSE 2013:Answer Sheet Requirements.Circular & Proforma
06-07-12ST Grant
05-07-12EGrants Circular
04-07-12SWS:School Transfer.Press Release
01-07-12School Management Committee.Guidelines
01-07-12PF Interest Rate Fixed for 2012-13
29-06-12Principal Transfer List
29-06-12ICT Hardware Distribution 2012[Kollam District] Schedule
25-06-12SET 2012.Circular
22-06-12SAY 2012 Questions : Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Maths Scheme1 | Maths Scheme 2 | Comp.Science | Sociology | Geography | Economics | Politics | Accountancy| Comp.Application(Humanities)
22-06-12Human Rights Education Club | Youth Parliament Contest
21-06-12GPF Annual Account Statement
29-06-12Aided School Teachers Deputation to SSA G.O dtd 28/04/12 | Aided School Teachers Deputation to RMSA GO dtd 07/06/12
16-06-12SWS:Fresh Applications are invited from SC/ST Candidates
15-06-12Dearness Allowance Revised(7%).GO(P)No 323-2012-Fin dated 04/06/2012
15-06-12 PTA Guidelines &  Fund Utilization Circular dtd 25/06/07
15-06-12Remuneration for Examination Duty.GO dtd 18/05/2012
13-06-12Higher Secondary Plus One Admission:First Allotment on 16th June 2012
13-06-12VHSE First Allotment
13-06-12VHSE SAY Examination.Circular
11-06-12Second TRIAL Allotment Published.Circular
10-06-12WGPA Calculation for Plus One Admission.Press Release dtd 10/06/12
07-06-12PTA Award 2011-12.Circular and Application Form
06-06-12Trial Allotment Results.Circular
01-06-12House Building Advance(HBA) Online Registration.Circular
31-05-12Malabar Christian College HSS(Camp No 37).Distribution of Increased Answer Paper Rate
30-05-12IEDS Workshop for Principals(Trivandrum)
29-05-12Exemption from Attending Valuation Duty:Circular | Declaration
29-05-12SAY Centres -2012
29-05-12Bhoomithra Club Circular | Guidelines
27-05-12Socio Economic and Caste Census 2012.Period Extended.Circular(Thanks to aneeshveo.blogspot.in)
27-05-12Earned Leave Surrender to Socio Economic and Caste Census 2012.Circular
26-05-12HSE Plus Two Modified Result(addition/change of grace marks and RAL)
26-05-127% hike in DA.Circular
26-05-12Open School Orientation Class:Remuneration
26-05-12Discrimination from Private Bus Staffs.Guidelines
25-05-12Payment of HITC Remuneration(Kollam)Postponed to 26th may.Circular
25-05-12IEDS Workshop for Principals(Kollam) revised Schedule
24-05-12Application for SAY/Improvement Exam.Date Extended.Circular
24-05-12HSE Result 2012:State Average(Subject Wise)
23-05-12Time Schedule for District Merit Scholarship | Post Matrics Scholarship | Circular 1 | Circular 2
23-05-12Additional 7% of DA to Employees.Circular
23-05-12Open School Students:Text Book Distribution
21-05-12Distribution of HITC Remuneration:  Kollam(26th) | Alappuzha | Pathanamthitta(25th) | Trivandrum(28)((Payment of Remuneration to HITC(Kollam) postponed to 26th May 2012 )
21-05-12IEDS Workshop for HSS Principals: Kollam | Ernakulam | Trivandrum
19-05-12Entrance Coaching from SC/ST Development Department
19-05-12Single window Admission: Schedule of IEDC Counseling(All Districts)
19-05-12Lumpsum Grant of SC/ST Students Enhanced.GO dtd 11/01/2012
18-05-12HSE Exam:30% enhancement in Remuneration and Contingent Expenditures.GO
17-05-12Model Residential School Admission 2012-13
16-05-12National Award to HSS Teachers
16-05-12Single window:Instructions to Principals Circular
15-05-12Single window application distribution.Circular dtd 15/05/12
15-05-12Second Year SAY/Improvement Time Table and Notification
14-05-12HSE Plus Two Result 2012.
14-05-12NSS Coordinator
10-05-12HSE Paper Valuation 2012. Remuneration Revised. GO dtd 09/05/2012
07-05-12National Award for Teachers for use of ICT in Education: Circular | Proforma
05-05-12Single Window:Circular dtd 05/05/12
05-05-12NCC Grace Mark: Apply Before 8th May 2012
04-05-12Single Window 2012: Email IDS of District Centres.
03-05-12Daily Wages to Vocational Instructors Revised
02-05-12Tuition Fees From SC/ST Development Department
02-05-12Shri Ayyankali Memorial Government Model Residential Sports School:Plusone Admission
30-04-12Biodiversity Club
30-04-12Model HSS:Teacher Selection
30-04-12VHSE Plus One Admission Notification
30-04-12Admission To Std. XI in The Technical Higher Secondary Schools Under IHRD 2012  | Prospectus  | Notification  |  Application Form | IHRD Official Site
25-04-12SSLC Result 2012.Circular | Result Site 1 | Result Site 2 | Result Site 3 | Result Site 4
25-04-12NCC Cadets Grace Mark (Revised) Govt Order | DHSE Circular| Grace Mark Application Circular
21-04-12The list of register numbers whose CE scores were not received
21-04-12Principal Transfer 2012:Circular
21-04-12Right to Education: Structural Change(Draft)
20-04-12Spark Help:Exemption of Loans /Advances Recovery during April 2012.
19-04-12Student Details and Misuse of RTI Act
19-04-12Kerala Entrance Examinations : Time table.
17-04-12Open School Orientation Remuneration: Circular | First Year | Second Year | Open School Web Site
13-04-12Loans and Advances :Recovery during April 2012 Postponed.
13-04-12HSE Paper Valuation: Directions from DHSE dtd 13/04/2012
10-04-12CE Monitoring Remuneration Distribution[TRIVANDRUM/KOLLAM/PATHANAMTHITTA/ALAPPUZHA]: Circular | Work-done Memorandum(Pdf) | Work-done Memorandum(Excel)
09-04-12HSST Transfer and census duty
09-04-12HSST Promotion By Transfer: Date Extended
08-04-12Dies-non Entry in Spark: Updated Help File From Shaji S(DMU,VHSE)
04-04-12Single Window Admission 2012-13: Prospectus and Schedule
02-04-12Pension Revision : Circular
30-03-12HSST General Transfer List Published
29-03-12Census Duty exemption:Circular
27-03-12SLI(State Life Insurance) Admission Form
27-03-12Enhancement of age of Retirement and Creation of Supernumerary posts.Order and Notification dtd 26/03/2012(Thanks to Sinesh Sir)
26-03-12Rate of Interest on GPF for the Fin.Year 2011-12.GO dtd 24/03/12
25-03-12HSE MANAGER HELP:Modifications Required in the HSE Manager for Conducting the Postponed Exam
24-03-12Strike Day : Casual Leave Guidelines
24-03-12HSE 2012 QUESTIONS: Mathematics (XI) | Mathematics (XII)
24-03-12Spark:Dies Non Entry(Updated)
23-03-12Accountancy Exam:Date Announced
23-03-12School Infrastructure Survey 2012-13
20-03-12CE Upload file in window 7: Help
20-03-12Exemption from Exam Duties
20-03-12Kerala Budget Speech(Malayalam)
19-03-12SLI: Revision of Monthly Premium GO dtd 09/02/12
19-03-12Second Year Accountancy Exam Postponed.Cicular
18-03-12Special Announcement for Blind/PH Scholarship
17-03-12TC Printing Software Collections 
16-03-12Open School Orientation Class
15-03-12Entrance Coaching to ST Students
14-03-12OBC Scholarship
06-03-12Scholarship Selection
06-03-12Departmental Test
05-03-12We Help: Career Guidance and Counseling
03-03-12CE Score Entry and Uploading Instructions
02-03-12HSST General Transfer: Message from Director,DHSE
02-03-12Time schedule for EASE@EXAM channel programme
01-03-12Scholarship From Welfare Board
01-03-12Ease@Exam : Victers Channel Programme
29-02-12Multiple Scholarship Cancellation Procedure
27-02-12Govt imposes 'dies-non' on striking employees:GO
21-02-12Practical Marklist Creator From Vinod,HSST,Ayyankoickal Software | Help
20-02-12HSST Transfer :Email ID
18-02-12HSST Transfer : Provisional List Published
18-02-12Forms for Practical Exam
15-02-12Guidelines for procurement of ICT equipments for schools using various schemes
15-02-12An Important Notice to Computer Science / Application Teachers Reg.Practical Exam 2012-13 (Revised)
14-02-12Purchase of CAR/BIKE Non Refundable Advance From GPF.Basic Pay Limit Revised Order dtd 03/02/2012
12-02-12State Life Insurance (SLI) rate enhanced.Circular
12-02-12HSE Practical Exam 2012
10-02-12Higher secondary exam:Meeting
07-02-12Speed Governor for School vehicles
06-02-12Income Tax Calculator(Software Bundle)
03-02-12HSE Model Questions From DHSE
01-02-12National Foundation of Teachers Welfare:General Financial Aid
01-02-12Muslim Nadar Girls scholarship Renewal
31-01-12Group Personnel Accident Insurance Scheme.Date Extended
31-01-12Spark Implementation circular
27-01-12Kerala State School IT Mela 2012
25-01-12CE Monitoring Guidelines
19-01-12HSST Computer Science/Application PSC Common Test Held on 01/09/11 Cancelled.Circular
19-01-12VHSE Principal Posting
19-01-12Kerala Entrance examination 2012:Prospectus
15-01-12Thrissur Kalolsavam Khoshayatra Map
12-01-12NCC Cadets Grace Mark.Circlar and Proforma
11-01-12Allowed appeal list of participants of Kollam District School Kalolsavam 2011-12 HSS  | HS
08-01-12Identity Card :State Kalolsavam
08-01-12Four Day Basic IT Training for HSS Teachers.Circular
05-01-12HSS Teacher Training-2012.Revised Schedule dtd 05/01/12
05-01-12District Merit Scholarship:Online Registration Reopened
04-01-12SC/ST Education Grant: Revised Rate
04-01-12Minority Scholarship:Income Limit
03-01-12Identity Card for State Sasthrolsavam 2011-12
03-01-11Kollam District Kalolsavam : Circular from DDE ,Kollam
03-01-11State Sasthrolsavam Schedule
02-01-11State Kalolsavam Program Schedule
31-12-11Jan 2 Restricted Holiday
31-12-11Districtwise Kalolsavam Program Schedule
24-12-11Post matric Scholarship Renewal Time Schedule
23-12-11Hardware Training for HS and HSS students
22-12-11Kollam District Kalolsavam PARTICIPANT IDENTITY CARD
20-12-11Higher Secondary IT Coordinators Video Conference at Edusat Centers.Circular
20-12-11State Maths Fair Schedule 2011-12
16-12-11Granting Arrear Salary in the scale of pay of HSST at Guest Teachers upto 30-11-2001.allowed to be Withdrawn after 31st Dec 2011.GO dtd.12/03/2007
15-12-11HSE Plus One Improvement RAL (withheld)Result Published
14-12-11HSS Guest Salary
14-12-11Christmas Salary:Early Disbursement
14-12-11First Year Revaluation Result
14-12-11SAY 2011 Revaluation Result
10-12-11Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational Institutions.List of schools having defects
07-12-11State Sports Mela Result
03-12-11KOLLAM District Sports Mela Result
03-12-11Chathannor Sub District(Kollam) Kalolsavam Result
03-12-11Essay Writing competition:Date postponed
01-12-11All District Kalolsavam & Sasthrolsavam Result
01-12-11Higher Secondary Second Term exam Guidelines
30-11-11Plus One Improvement Result
30-11-11Sports Kit Grant
29-11-11Blind/Physically Handicapped /Deaf Scholarship
27-11-11Kollam District Maths Fair Result(Updated)
27-11-11Kollam District Work Experience Fair Result(Rank Wise)
25-11-11Kollam District Science Fair Result
25-11-11Kollam District SocialScience Fair Result
25-11-11Govt HSS Principal Transfer List
24-11-11ICT Hardware Requirements 2011-12.Proforma & Guidelines
23-11-11HSE EXAM 2012:Notification
22-11-11Merit Scholarship to the children of School Teachers
21-11-11Guest Teachers :Teacher Bank Interview(TVM District)
21-11-11School Kalolsavam :Logo Design
18-11-11KOLLAM District IT FEST:New Schedule
17-11-11District Science Fair:Sample Identity Card
16-11-11School Games:Schedule
16-11-11STATE FESTIVALS: Organizing Committees
16-11-11NSS Grace Mark:New Circular
12-11-11SRG List:Physics,Maths,Economics & Commerce
12-11-11Student Police Cadets
12-11-11Essay Writing competition
11-11-11Group Personnel Accident Insurance New Circular |GPAIS Forms
11-11-11ICT Presentation Files (For Computer Science RPs)
04-11-11SRG Training English & Malayalam: Data& Venue
04-11-11Group Personnel Accident Scheme
04-11-11SRG List Socio, Sansk., Comp.Science(9th), Malayalam(14th), English & Chemistry(15th)
03-11-11E-Grants New Circular
30-10-11Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas(Oct 31).Circular
29-10-11List of District Coordinators & Assistant Coordinators
29-10-11Post Creation in New Aided Higher Secondary Schools:Circular
28-10-11Open School 2011-13 Batch:Orientation Class
28-10-11Folklore Club:Circular
22-10-11Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational institutions:Instructions
22-10-11Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational institutions:Scheme(IDMI)
22-10-11Scheme for development of infrastructure in minority educational institutions:Application Form
20-10-11CESS:Essay Writing Competition,Date Postponed
20-10-11OPEN SCHOOL:Urgent Circular
18-10-11IT FAIR:IT QUIZ Model Questions | IT Quiz 2012
18-10-11Complaints Regarding Computer Science PSC Exam.Last Date: 24/10/11
18-10-11Steps to Upload Absentees Data(Imp Exam)
15-10-11Blind Students Online Data Verification
14-10-11DCE Scholarship Verification
12-10-11Science Fair Data Entry User Manual
11-10-11District Merit Scholarship.New Schedule.
10-10-11Post Metric Scholarship.New Schedule.
10-10-11School Zonal Sports Rescheduled.
03-10-11Unification of Date of Superannuation-Review-Cabinet Sub-Committee Constituted
02-10-11Student Insurance
29-09-11DPI Circular:Malinya Vimuktha Keralam
29-09-11Post Metric Scholarship 2011-12.List of Selected Students.
22-09-11Mathematics Olympiad
22-09-11Gandhi Jayanthi:Competition For Plus One & Plus Two Students
17-09-11Essay Competition For Plus One & Plus Two Students
13-09-11District Merit Scholarship:Notification
12-09-11HSST Daily Wages: Rate Revised
12-09-11Group Insurance Scheme : Rate of Subscription Revised
12-09-11House Building Advance:Circular
12-09-11House Building Advance:Seniority List
12-09-11House Building Advance:Eligibility List
07-09-11Single Window: Final Allotment Details
03-09-11First Year Improvement Exam Rescheduled.Circular & Time Table
03-09-11 DA Crediting to PF:Time Limit Extended
02-09-11 Additional Batch New Circular
01-09-11Post Creation(HSST Sr. & Jr. in Thrissur & Malabar Region)
31-08-11Single Window : Open School Students Documents
30-08-11Ramzan Holiday Circular
29-08-11Sports Meet -Online Data Entry
28-08-11Student Police Cadets(SPC) Circular
28-08-11Higher Secondary Adalath
26-08-11Bonus/festival Allowance Govt. Order
26-08-11Onam Advance Govt. Order
26-08-11HSE Improvement Exam-New Circular
25-08-11ONAM-Pookkalam Designs
24-08-11ICT Award:Circular
24-08-11ICT Award:Entry Form & Guidelines
24-08-11Single Window Application Renewal Form.
23-08-11Application for Correction/Alteration of Date of Birth in School Records.
23-08-11Utilisation of Accumulated PD Account(upto 31.03.09) in Government and Aided HSS:Guidelines
22-08-11HSS Awards Published
21-08-11Pay Revision 2009-Time Limit for Exercising Option extended
20-08-11Post Matric Scholarship-Date Extended
20-08-11National Awards for Teachers
20-08-11Onam Exam -New Circular From DHSE
18-08-11Early disbursement of Salary in connection with Ramzan and Onam.Govt.Order
18-08-11First Year Improvement Exam.Circular& Time Table
18-08-11School Parliament Election -Guidelines
18-08-11ICT Hand Book
18-08-11Broadband Internet Usage-Guidelines
18-08-11Application For Leave(Form 13)
18-08-11DCE Merit Scholarship -Bank Account Errors
18-08-11Financial Assistance from Welfare Board
18-08-11Dies Non on 17-02-2009.New Circular
17-08-11Spl.Announcement To students who have sanctioned with more than one scholarship for the year 2010-11
16-08-11Post Matric Scholarship Renewal Circular
13-08-11Plus Two Additional Batch-Revised List
13-08-11Report of Qualitative Improvements of Govt.& Aided Schools
12-08-11Paternity Leave GuideLines & Order dtd 11/08/11
12-08-11E-GrandZ.New Circular Dated 11/08/11
11-08-11Special Casual Leave for parents of Physically/ Mentally Challenged-Guidelines dtd 06/08/2011
11-08-11Duty of Lab Assistants.Clarification Order Dtd.22-12-2005
10-08-11Financial Assistance for Entrance Coaching to SC Students
10-08-11School Parliament Election 2011-12.Modified Schedule dtd 10/08/2011
09-08-11School Parliament Election 2011-12.DPI Circular dtd 09/08/2011
09-08-11School Parliament Election PREVIOUS Circular Dated 09/07/2009
09-08-11Maulana Azad Education Foundation Minority Scholarship-Notification & Application Form
09-08-11Maulana Azad Education Foundation Minority Scholarship-Circular
08-08-11HSST General Transfer New Circular
08-08-11Essay Writing Competition For HSS Students
06-08-11HSS Teachers General Transfer 2011-12.Upload Teacher Details.
06-08-11School Kalolsavam Manual
05-08-11HSS Special Rules(Method of Appointment And Qualification of Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff)
05-08-11Selection of HM/AEOs as HSS Principals-Circular
05-08-11First Term Exam-Circular
04-08-11PF Application Forms(KAHSSEPF PLUS TWO)
03-08-11Additional Batch.List Published
03-08-11E-Grands(SC/ST Grand) New Circular
02-08-11Adolescence Health Education Presentation Files By KSACS
01-08-11PTA Award-2011 Circular
01-08-11PTA Award-2011 Proforma
01-08-11School Study Tour-Guidelines -Previous Govt. Order dtd.02/03/07
31-07-11Software For Printing Post Matric Scholarship Affidavit.
29-07-11Revaluation Result of Second Year HSE Exam.
29-07-11Govt.orders clarifying the minimum periods of teaching for sanctioning additional posts (HSST Jr.)to each subject.Dtd. 29/11/2002
28-07-11HSE Plus One Result
28-07-11SPARK SDO Pay Revision Processing Details
28-07-11Additional Batch Govt. Circular
27-07-11Transfer And Posting Order(HSST Jr. to HSST Sr.
26-07-11Circular About E-Grands(SC/ST Scholarship)
26-07-11Core Syllabus for MBBS Entrance Exam.
24-07-11Post Matric Scholarship(Minority Students)2011-12 Notification
23-07-11NSS Award 2010-11 Published
22-07-11HSE Revaluation Application Form
22-07-11HSE Photocopy Application Form
22-07-11HSE Scrutiny Application Form
22-07-11HSE SAY Notification
21-07-11HSE SAY (2nd YEAR) Result (Individual)
21-07-11HSE SAY (2nd YEAR) Result (School Wise)
20-07-11Software for Printing Chalan
20-07-11Software for Printing Income Tax Statement & Form 16
18-07-11New Income Tax Return Forms (ITR)
17-07-11State Eligibility Test 2011(SET) Notification
16-07-11Provisional List of Additional Batch
15-07-11A Hand Book For HSS Principals Published by SIEMAT
12-07-11Teachers Award 2011-12-Application Form
10-07-11Leave Without Allowance(LWA) Service Benefits GO.
10-07-11Kerala Engineering Rank List
08-07-11HSST General Transfer List
07-07-11Basic Facility Online Data Entry Notification
01-07-11House Building Advance Online Registration
01-07-11Samsung ML-1666 Printer Driver for Ubuntu
29-06-11House Building Advance Online Registration Circular.
25-06-11HSE 2012:-Application for Main Answer Book,Additional Sheet and CV cover
23-06-11Time Table Software(Windows Based Free Software)
23-06-11School Parliament Election Previous Circular Dated 09/07/2009
23-06-11Migration Application Form
20-06-11Download DosBox(A Programme for Running Turbo C++ and DOS programs in Windows 7(Read post before installing)
20-06-11DosBox Installation Guide
20-06-11Application for Starting New Souhrida Clubss
18-06-11Provisional Transfer List of HSSTs
17-06-11Application For Additional Batch
16-06-11 PTA Guidelines &  Fund Utilization Circular dtd 25/06/07
16-06-11SAY Time Table Revised
16-06-11Income Tax TDS Calculator for Teachers & Govt Employees
16-06-11SAY Time Table Revised
16-06-11Pay Fixation Software 4.2 by Anirudhan Nilamel
16-06-11HSE Modified Result
16-06-11Entrance Rank List-Online Submission of Mark List
04-05-11TC Printing Software(Requirements: Latest CE software (Evalpro) Database(.MDB) File)
04-05-11TC Printing-Excel Software
04-05-11Camp DA Revised G.O
04-05-116% DA Increase G.O
04-05-11Election 2011-EVM Sealing Demo (3gp-Mobile Video Format)

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