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Process Of Analysis Essay Examples

Process analysis is an essay which explains how something is done, how something occurs or how something works. In this kind of essay, the writer is required to present steps of a process in a sequential order, from first to the last. All concepts or terms that might appear uncommon are defined.

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Example essay topics in process analysis include:

  • how to pray
  • how to cook potatoes
  • how to manage Hepatitis
  • how to prevent a disease
  • how to set up a campsite

In this paper, our service provides an excellent guide on how to write a process analysis essay.

Writing A Process Analysis Essay

The structure for this type of analysis is as follows:

  • The introductory part should explain the actual process and why it is relevant or necessary. The writer should avoid any unnecessary information such as the background, history or origin. If for instance, a recipe needs tomato sauce, the readers should be informed so. In other words, go directly to the issue and provide only the necessary information.
  • The next paragraph should present a list of all the equipment, tools or resources necessary for the particular process. For instance, if some ingredients cannot be found in the locality, the writer should explain where one can find it or them. Potential risks or side effects that are likely to generate from the process should be started so that the reader remains informed. Furthermore, it is important to inform the reader of what might go wrong and what can be done to avoid potential mistakes.
  • The next part should outline the process in a sequential order. If the process requires some steps that should be undertaken at particular stages, these should be stated and explained clearly, at the relevant point in the sequence. The writer should be very keen to avoid confusion. For processes that appear complicated, the steps should be subdivided accordingly. What is more, the writer needs to vary their use of transitional words such as after, then, next so as to make sure that the essay does not become repetitive.
    The final part should present a general review of the whole process so the writer can reinforce the main points succinctly without details.



  • Introduce your topic and briefly outline what the process will achieve.
  • Demonstrate where this process is relevant or when it is useful.
  • It is a good idea to offer a real-world example of an outcome of the procedure.

Main Body

  • The processes should be presented in paragraphs.
  • Each step should be presented in its own paragraph.
  • Appropriate transitions should be employed for each step.
  • Be descriptive in your presentation.


  • In your conclusion, the procedure is summarized. You do not have to repeat all the individual steps, but you need to reinforce the main points and milestones.
  • Describe the expected result.

Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team

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A process essay also called an expository essay and has a very specific tone to it. Many instructional articles (like the article above) call for an essay of this type. While writing an article like this, it is very important to watch your tone. When I get an assignment like this, I make sure to write in a completely neutral way, as the essay is just eluding to specific instructions. Sometimes you might find this essay format in other classes that aren’t English. In biology, your teacher might want you to describe how specific biological functions occur. Your answer should be written as a process essay. As the article already states, if the topic is a free choice, then write about something you know well. If the topic is chosen by your instructor, it is likely that it was assigned to you for you to learn how something happens. In this case, do research properly and write in short and concise sentences. This skill will be very helpful in the future when you take class notes or do PowerPoint presentations.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

If you have the opportunity to choose your topic, describing a process, you are familiar with will make the task a lot easier. We hope this guide will help make your assignment more achievable, but if you need help to write your process essay, custom papers can be written quickly by our professional essay writers. Don’t let a single task cost you your grade. Many hard-working students already come to our site to order an essay so they can target their efforts toward the areas of their study which are most relevant and important to them. Send us a message and let us take the pressure off.

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Sample Ironic Process Analysis Essay

So, you want to know how best to prepare for that chemistry test? Well, have I got some great tips for you. First, it is important to realize that what is being taught in the classroom is only a minute part of what the actual knowledge transfer is supposed to be. The teachers think that by teaching the students everything that is in the curriculum is enough and that they have done their jobs by teaching the students from books. This is hardly the case, as the real challenge for the students is to use that knowledge in a meaningful way to really understand what the subject is all about. The studying from books part is the least important bit.

One of the most important things that is required to take a chemistry exam is to binge on fast food before the day of the exam. Start your day with a huge breakfast at any of the fast food chains, followed by a super-sized lunch, a midday snack, and an extra large meal at night. This would ensure that your body has been correctly metabolized a day before the test. All the fat content and preservatives that are found in these fast foods are all chemicals that can be found in your chapter of organic chemistry. This way, you will know exactly how these chemicals affect your body and you will be better able to explain the effects in your exam paper.

Another very important thing to do right before the exam is to stay up late at night and play lots of video games. Doing this would help you in two distinct ways. First, you will be better able to read and write your exam the next day. This is because video games have been known to hone your mental capabilities and to improve your hand eye coordination. When you go into the exam room the next day, your hands and eyes would be seeing, well hand to eye and you will be able to write faster, clearer, and smoother. Another way that this would help would be by making you tired when you stay up late at night playing the games. Almost all teachers and parents recommend that you get a good night's sleep before your exam, and the only way to get a good night's sleep is if you are really tired. So, staying up late at night playing video games would make you really tired and you will be able to get a good night's sleep before your exam.

The best time to actually read your chemistry books is right before the exam. Since you would be sleeping all night, the best time to do that would be while brushing your teeth, using the toilet, having breakfast, or on the bus from your house to your school. And since you will not have the time to read the whole book, the best thing to do is to close your eyes, and randomly choose any three subjects by dropping your finger on the 'contents' page. This way you would have minimized your own biases and you would have a much better chance of getting at least one question from either of your random choices. This time would also be best utilized to pray that the teacher gives you questions from the topics that you have chosen.

You wanted to know what I thought were the best ways to prepare for your chemistry test and here I have explained them all. Eating well (but not too well) before your exam day, vigorous training of your mind and complete alignment of your senses, and removing unnecessary variables from the equation and focusing only on what you think is right along with strong faith in religious spirituality are all the things that I recommend. Of course, these are only the things that I think would best prepare you for the exam. I never said that they would help you succeed with a passing grade. For all I know, you would probably fail if you took my advice. But that is what you wanted, right, my advice on how best to prepare for the exam? Well, that is exactly what you got.

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