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Project Cars Controller Assignments

I thought this might be a good spot to share some advice or experience with the controller and wheel set-ups people find helpful in the game.  I've copied mine from one that was posted on TORA, which I think was coped from someone else.  

First, I used the clutch and manual gearing.  I find if I shift and then release the throttle and get back on really fast, it won't over rev on shifting up.  It takes a little timing and an ear for the engine note.

Anyway, here's my config.  A lot of this is default:
Steering deadzone: 10
Steering sensitivity: 0
Throttle deadzone: 0
Throttle sensitivity: 30
Brake deadzone: 10
Brake sensitivity: 15
Clutch deadzone: 0
Clutch sensitivity: 40
Speed sensitivity: 60
Controller filtering sensitivity: 50
Damper saturation: 0 (locked?)
Force feedback: 90
RPM/Gear display: yes
Controller input mode: 3
Advanced: off (I think these are just extra assists)

As far as controller assignments, I've got the clutch on A and up/downshift to X and B.  Throttle RT and Brake LT.  I put headlights and wipers on the up and down dpad.  Because I tend to accidentally nudge the right stick when shifting, I put look down on the down of the right stick and look back as up on the right stick.  I put ignition and engine start on the left and right stick buttons, since you almost never use them until you stall.  So there you go.


Being a thoroughbred simulation, Project CARS is a demanding driving game for PS4 players more accustomed to DriveClub, so newcomers would do well to apply the assists. But it's not quite as simple as that: Project CARS' customisation is crazily comprehensive.

There's the usual array of options for wheel users to adjust the force feedback sensitivity among other options, but Slightly Mad Studios realise that not everyone who plays Project CARS have access to expensive racing peripherals cluttering their living room. As a result, the wide range of controller and gameplay options you can apply to suit your playing style is almost overwhelming.

As you would expect, full controller button mapping options come as standard, but Project CARS lets you delve much deeper, allowing you to adjust the sensitivity of just about everything, from throttle and clutch deadzones to steering stick sensitivity.  

To make things easier, three preset modes are available that automatically adjust the settings to suit different player skill levels, which Alan explores in this video. 

Our advice: sticking between controller mode two and three produced the best results, but it's worth experimenting with the different options to suit your playing style. 

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